What is the long jump world record?

Mike Powell Long Jump World Record
Long Jump World Record HolderGenderDistance
Mike PowellMens8.95m
Galina ChistyakovaWomens7.52m

Men’s long jump world record.

Mike Powell is the current long jump world record holder. He successfully jumped 8.95m to win the competition. Carl Lewis had broken the world record with his previous attempt by jumping 8.92m.

Women’s long jump world record.

The women’s long jump world record is held by Galina Chistyakova, who successfully jumped 7.52m in 1988.

Wikipedia also lists the long jump world record progression.

What are some notable long jump world record performances?

Bob Beamon – 1968 Olympics – Mexico City

American Bob Beamon leapt into the history books by breaking the world record to set a new distance of 8.90m. His distance was so far that the officials had to change their measuring equipment at the time. The record would stand for 22 years.

Jesse Owens – 1936 Olympics – Berlin

American track and field athlete Jesse Owens set a few world records within one day at the 1938 Olympics and set new records in the event on the day. What’s more significant is that he triumphed over the Nazi ideology that controlled Germany at the time and dispelled Adolf Hitler’s belief that the Aryan race was a superior ethnic race. Furthermore, the people of Germany supported Jesse Owens performance.

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