Long Jump Virtual Coaching (Season)


If you would like to get coaching for your long jump season, then you can get our annual coaching system that’s tailored for your athletics season.

Who should get this?

Long jumpers that want to perform at an elite level. If you want to win the long jump at school, in your area, state, nation, or be one of the best in the world, then you will want to invest in this.

What will you get?

  • A conditioning assessment of your body’s current athletic condition.
  • Recommendations and strategy roadmap for the long jump season ahead.
  • Nutrition plan and guidance to maximize your long jump performance.
  • Power training guidance
  • Strength training guidance
  • Runup guidance to minimize fouling
  • Private training and mentorship videos
  • Private training and mentorship audio guides
  • Guidance on how to get noticed by selection teams
  • Guidance on your long jump career progression (From school through to adulthood).
  • Guidance on financing your long jump (E.g. Work, investments, sponsorship, funding)
  • Access to private resources.
  • Resource recommendations for health, protection, and recovery.
  • Weekly video critique and recommendations
  • Ask questions and receive answers to help you excel in the long jump.

If you want the opportunity to win and excel in the long jump, then invest in this.

There is limited capacity, as this requires a 1 on 1 commitment by coaches. At the moment, we will take no more than 10 athletes annually.


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