Improve your long jump run-up speed!


For the long jump, the success of your jump starts with the preparation of your jump. If you don’t have enough speed to carry you through the jump, you won’t be able to jump far. In fact, you only have a limited amount of steps to do it in.

You must condition your body to accelerate and generate your top speed within 20-30m that is your run-up.

You must be able to do this successfully and position yourself at the board so that you can execute the take-off to jump at the right angle and sail through the air.

Conditioning your body for the right run-up can improve your jump by 10-50cm within 30-90 days.

Don’t just run and hope for the best.

Know that you have prepared and conditioned your body with enough horizontal power, speed, and explosiveness that will allow you to reach the board at your peak speed everytime so that you can out-jump the competition.

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