Energy-boosting Blender for athletes


To perform well, your muscles must have the hydration and energy to perform. This means that your body must be fuelled with the right vitamins and minerals, whilst having enough water in your system so the muscles don’t fatigue.

At the same time, you want to ensure that you aren’t carrying too much weight from digesting food as it can impact your performance.

Sometimes, the way the body works, digesting food can take hours and it stays in your system which will keep the extra weight in your body.

A workaround to this is to consume smoothies and soups, and drinks that will give you the essential things that you need inside your body, but will allow the body to process and flush out the weight quicker than consuming food.

This juicer can be used up to 72h before your competition to help you maintain your energy, but to focus on keeping your body light.

This will be incredibly important on the day of your competition.

You should consider consuming the following using the blender.

  • 50g serving of oats milk & a banana. You can add vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon for extra flavour.
  • Greens soup (Spinach, onions & garlic. Opt to add other vegetables like broccoli and carrots. Add 80-100g of cooked beef for protein)
  • Orange juice & mango with Greek yogurt smoothie (Add strawberries and blueberries if you would like? To make it refreshing, add ice to crush)

You should be able to consume 250-500g at a give time. The excess liquid should leave your body in 2-3h, which will allow you to minimize your weight in time for the competition.

You can also use this on your training days to ensure that you train with optimal energy, but not on a full stomach.

You should also be able to save time with your nutrition consumption.


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