Long jump rules

What are the Long jump rules?

Long jumpers start with a running start, propel themselves in the air at a designated launching point, also called the take-off board, and try to achieve maximum distance in the air before landing inside a sand pit.

So, the entire course consists of three parts. The runway, the take-off board and the sandpit to land in.

In official events, the runway measures 40m in length. It is similar to a running track used in sprinting, mid-distance or long-distance running events and is made out of a rubberised material laid over concrete.

At the end of the runway lies a 20cm wide take-off board. The runway and the take-off board must be level with each other.

This was originally published on the Olympics website.

Which leg do you jump off for long jump?

You can jump off any leg.

How many basic skills are in long jump?

  • The run-up
  • The acceleration through the board.
  • The take-off
  • The momentum through the air (Hitchkick vs sail)
  • The landing

What is a foul in long jump?

A foul is committed – and the jump is not measured – if an athlete steps beyond the board.

Source: World Athletics

Do and don’ts in long jump?

  • Land with your momentum going forward.
  • Never put your hands behind you in the sand.
  • Run off the board.
  • Always take-off from behind the board.
  • Never walk out the from the take-off area of the sandpit.