How to practice long jump at home?

Long jump training at home

There are only a few ways you can really conduct long jump practice at home. This is through conditioning your body and practicing your runup. Unless you have a sandpit at home, you won’t be able to practice the actual take-off phase of your jump.

Here are a few things that you can do to conduct long jump training at home.

Practice your acceleration.

Practice accelerating of each stride in the long jump so that you can reach your maximum velocity by the time you hit the take-off point. This will usually involve you having powerful strides at the start of your runup and building into the acceleration phase.

Conduct bounding for power.

You want to increase your power so that you can improve your speed and acceleration. Conduct exercises such as hops, bounding and skipping to improve your elasticity and power.

Do speed drills.

You want to maximise your speed within 30 metres. You can conduct speed running drills of 20-30m.

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