How quick should your 100m time be if you are a long jumper?

When it comes to long jumping, speed is critical. You do need to master the other aspects of the jump. However, if you want to give yourself the best chance of jumping far, you need to reach your top speed by the time you get to the board.

To give you an idea about how fast you need to be, we have shared some of the details in the table below with long jumpers best 100m times and their furthest distance.

Mike Powell

100m – 10.45 seconds

Long Jump – 8.95m (world record). Also 8.99m wind assisted.

Carl Lewis

100m – 9.86 seconds

Long Jump – 8.87m (8.91 wind assisted)

Bob Beamon

100m – No official record.

Long Jump – 8.90m

Ivan Pedroso

100m – Unavailable

Long Jump – 8.71m (official) 8.96m (Unofficial with a 1.6m reading)

Dwight Phillips

100m – 10.06 seconds

Long Jump – 8.74m

60m – 6.47 seconds

200m – 20.68 seconds

50m – 5.70 seconds

Greg Rutherford

100m – 10.26 seconds

Long Jump – 8.51m

60m – 6.68 seconds

You can use these as benchmarks for the type of speed that you need to have and the jumping distance that you want to achieve.

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