How do beginners learn long jump?

Long jump for beginners

Long jump is one of the most simple events that someone can participate in track and field. The purpose is to jump as far as you can from the long jump board into the sand pit. The person with the longest measurement wins.

Most long jump beginners run as fast as they can towards the board and then jump, hoping for the best.

What beginners actually need to focus on is developing their runup so that they reach their top speed at the board and they are in a position to run-off the board and carry their momentum into the jump.

What are some of the things that beginners should learn when starting to learn how to long jump?

Know how many steps you need to take in your run-up.

Beginners will most likely need to start with 5, 7, or 9 step run-ups.

Measure how far your run-up is from the board.

The run-up needs to be measured so that the athlete will reach their top speed at the point of take-off on the board.

Learn how to accelerate in your run-up so that you reach your maximum speed at the board.

Beginners need to focus on taking powerful strides in the beginning (3 powerful strides) and then accelerate off each stride as they approach the board.

Stay tall when running for your long jump approach.

This lifts the centre of gravity and allows the athlete to focus on maximising their horizontal power and speed.

Focus on accelerating and turning over your legs as quickly as possible.

The athletes legs should be getting faster as they approach the board.

Run off the board

Don’t just plant your foot on the board when you take-off. Run off the board and into the air.

Land in the pit with your two feet in front of you.

Make sure that your feet are in front of you when you land in the sandpit.

Don’t land backwards in the sandpit.

Land and fall forwards or to the side. But never backwards.

If beginners apply this when doing their long jump attempt, they should be able to jump far in their long jump attempt.

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