Hill workouts for jumpers.

Hill workouts are amazing for jumpers that want to improve the power, elasticity and speed that will allow them to jump further in the long jump. Unlike other training regimes, hill training is free. You only need to get access to a hill that has a good gradient. (Ideally, a gradient that is greater than 10 degrees that goes for 30-60m will be ideal.

How can you improve from doing a hill workout?

You will develop power in your quadriceps and glutes.

This is really important especially for the drive phase and executing the long jump. The steeper the hill you run on, the more emphasis it will have on your quadriceps and your glutes.

You will develop more explosive speed in your hip flexors and hamstrings.

This will allow you to develop more horizontal speed, which you will be able to take onto the long jump runway. This will allow you to jump further distances in the long jump.

It will develop your speed endurance.

You will start to feel fatigued when doing the sprints on the hill because it is more intense.

What type of training workout should you do on the hill?

Hill sprint accelerations

These will allow you to build your lateral speed, acceleration and explosiveness. These should be done at 100% of your maximum intensity and you should time yourself to get faster over the distance.

Hill sprint tempo running.

You want to sprint up the hill at 80% of your total speed. This will allow you to develop your knee drive and power execution when running on an incline. This will also help you develop your lateral speed. Make sure you focus on your technique while you are running.

Aim to do this for 40-60m.

Keep in mind that you should accelerate and build your tempo in the same way that you build your speed in the long jump.

Hill bounding

Conduct bounding for distance for reps of 8. Do this at least 3 times.

Hill hops

Do single leg hops up the hill for 3 sets of 8 repetitions.

Hill bunny hops

Aim to do these exercises last because they will put a great deal of tension on your muscles, which will make them fatigue quickly.

Aim to do 6 bunny hops in a row with both feet together. Aim to do three sets. If the quality of your workout declines, finish the workout.

Do this once or twice a week. Make sure you give yourself enough rest between doing these workouts.

Let us know your improvements in the comments below.

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