Hang vs Hitchkick – Which technique is better?

This is a very interesting question because elite long jump performances have been done using both techniques. The hang technique was used by former world record holders such as Bob Beamon, who jumped 8.90m in Mexico City and held the long jump world record for over 20 years.

The hitchkick has been used more over the past 30 years, with the current world record holder Mike Powell using the technique to jump 8.95m. Even Carl Lewis used this technique regularly to jump over 8.90m as well in the long jump.

Which technique is better?

It isn’t fair to say that one technique is better than the other. However, many elite long jumpers do find it easier to jump with the hitchkick. Whilst beginners in the long jump will opt for the simpler hang technique.

Remember that the speed is more important than the technique if you want to get a long distance in the long jump.

Don’t get caught up too much with the hang or hitchkick technique if you don’t have the speed. The techniques will simply allow you to stay in the air and maintain your jumping arc when you do the long jump. You will need to generate a top speed of 9-11 second pace over the 100m if you really want to experience the benefits from the technique.

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