Best long jump training shoes

Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero Long Jump spikes

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When you are training for the long jump, you want to condition your body as much as possible without putting too much stress or strain on the muscles so that they struggle to recover. Many people think that in their long jump training, they will consistently use long jump spikes throughout the duration of their training.

The opposite is true.

The athlete will need to do conditioning exercises that will consist of:

  • Plyometrics
  • Sprints
  • Technical training
  • Weights
  • Jumps

As an athlete, you will find that you will need:

  • Flat running shoes
  • All around running spikes
  • Long Jump Spikes
  • Weightlifting shoes

What are the best training shoes for long jump?

For plyometrics and light running.

Nike Pegasus

Nike Pegasus
Nike Pegasus

You need shoes that will give you support when doing plyometrics training. Especially since you will be working out the muscles intensely and you also want to protect your feet from the risk of injury (e.g. cuts and bruises).

The Nike Pegasus are a safe choice and can be used for light running, sprints, and plyometric exercises.

The only thing is your ankle dorsiflexion will be limited, but this is OK if you are doing light running and warm-up exercises.

Prices start from $149

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For long jump technical training

Ideally, you will train in long jump spikes (or at least normal all-purpose spikes).

Asics long jump spikes

Asics Pro Long Jump Spikes
Asics Pro Long Jump Spikes

These are great for the entry-level long jumper. And they are a good performance shoe right up to the elite level. There is little cushioning in the heel, but this long jump spike is light, and allows the athlete to focus on maximizing their horizontal power and drive.

One thing to consider is due to the shoe having little cushioning around the heel, the athlete will need to focus on ‘running off the board’ and not ‘slapping their foot on the board’, which should already be a part of the long jump technique.

This is because the lack of cushioning could lead to soreness or pain in their heel if they apply too much force to the take-off.

These long jump shoes are usually one of the cheapest entry-level long jump spikes.

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Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero long jump Track Shoe

Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero Long Jump spikes
Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero Long Jump spikes

These are a high-performance long jump spike that the top long jumpers use. They are light, comfortable, and allow you to maximise your horizontal power and speed on the runway.

They are also a good training spike since you will be able to conduct more intense plyometric exercises whilst protecting and cushioning the soles of your feet.

You can purchase these spikes for around $100-200.

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Saucony Men’s Soarin j2 Track Shoe, Red/Vizi Orange, 9 M US

Saucony Mens Soarin J2 Long Jump Spikes
Saucony Mens Soarin J2 Long Jump Spikes

These are another great entry-level long jump spike and the price point is definitely one of the cheaper options that’s available.

The spike allows the athlete to focus on speed and powering through their toes. In a way, it is designed similar to a sprinting spike, but has the flat and thin surface for the long jump take-off.

The comfort isn’t as much as the Adidas. But this shoe will allow the athlete to get the job done in their long jump competition.

These spikes retail for $60-100.

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For weightlifting

For developing power and your range of motion, heel elevated weightlifting shoes should be considered.

Adidas Powerlift 3.1

For athletes that have a limited range of motion, the heel elevation will allow them to get deeper with their leg pressing exercises such as squats, leg press, deadlifts and power cleans.

The athlete will need to develop their pressing strength progressively. Utilizing these shoes to improve the pressing range of motion will help them become more powerful, and develop their speed for the driving phase of their long jump.

They should also develop a higher jump for their take-off.

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Adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlift Shoes

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