Best Long Jump Spikes

Best long jump spikes

You want to wear the right type of long jump spikes (also known as long jump cleats) that will give you the best chance to jump longer and further in the long jump. Before investing in long jump spikes, your body must be conditioned to be powerful, explosive, have a quick reaction time off the ground, and the ability to accelerate and reach full-velocity by the time you reach the long jump take-off board so the velocity can carry you through the air. (Please check the long jump workouts and long jump drills to help you improve your long jump performance.)

The best long jump spikes will help you with the following.

  1. They will help you with the take-off position on the long jump board.
  2. They will help to minimize the risk of obtaining an injury on the take-off board compared to normal or sprinting spikes.
  3. Alot of force goes through your ankle at take-off. The long jump shoe is designed to help minimize the force through your body’s joints, and instead let the shoe take some of the force so you can concentrate on having a more superior long jump.
  4. The shoe is designed to help you with your ‘drive’ and ‘acceleration’ phases in the long jump.
  5. The shoes are designed to be light to make it easier for you to maximize your long jump.
  6. Long jump spikes should make taking the penultimate step easier.
  7. The long jump shoe support should make it easier to get more height from the long jump take-off.

What are the best long jump spikes?

Asics long jump spikes

Asics Pro Long Jump Spikes
Asics Pro Long Jump Spikes

The Asics long jump pro spike is lightweight and offers a good degree of comfort. It is ideal for entry-level and experienced athletes. The shoe itself retails for approximately $100+.

Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero long jump Track Shoe

Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero Long Jump spikes
Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero Long Jump spikes

There is a reason why professional long jumpers love the Adidas Adizero long jump shoe. And it is because they notice the difference in their jumping performance when they compete. These shoes tend to fit athletes well and have great shock cushion for running down the runway as well as landing. If you are a serious long jumper, then you need to try them. Additionally, due to their unique outer sole design and the added support of the longer laces and covered toe box, it can provide added comfort for the jumper which can aid them in their long jumping performance. You can purchase these spikes for around $100-200. Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Saucony Men’s Soarin j2 Track Shoe, Red/Vizi Orange, 9 M US

Saucony Mens Soarin J2 Long Jump Spikes
Saucony Mens Soarin J2 Long Jump Spikes

Although it isn’t strictly a long jump shoe, long jumpers have expressed their satisfaction with wearing the shoe. The shoe tends to be lightweight and comfortable. It can also be used in conjunction with the triple jump and the pole vault. These spikes retail for $60-100.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Long jump spikes vs sprint spikes – What’s the difference?

The design of the long jump spikes differ from the sprinting spikes. The sprinting spikes are quite rigid and are designed for the athlete to always strike the ground on the ball of their foot, never the heel. This will force the athlete to always power through the ball of their foot.

Long jump shoes are designed differently since the athlete will go onto the flat surface of their foot during the take-off phase. The athlete needs to have a shoe design that offers comfort, whilst allowing the athlete’s foot to maximise power and acceleration during their sprint acceleration phase in the long jump.

When should you start investing in long jump spikes?

For men. If you are a male, you can consider investing in long jump spikes when you start jumping over 6.50m in the long jump. Before then, your body needs to be conditioned for speed and power. The benefits that you will receive from investing in long jump spikes before you are jumping that distance is minimal.

However, when you are jumping those distances, your body needs to use alot of force, which can put pressure on your joints. This is a good time to start transitioning to using long jump spikes.

For females. Women can start investing in long jump spikes once they are jumping over 5.50m, but preferably around the 6.0m+ mark.

Do you need spikes for long jump?

Long jump spikes aren’t essential for long jump since 80% of your performance is due to your body’s conditioning. However, to help with preventing injuries and maximizing performance once you start performing at an elite level, long jump spikes are recommended.