Average long jump distances by age

Average Long Jump Distance by Age

If you want to know what your level is in the long jump, you can use the following table.

What is a good long jump distance by age?

AgeMale DistanceFemale Distance
115m +4.30m
125.50m +5.0m
135.70m +5.10m +
146m +5.30m +
156.50m+5.70m +
167.0m +6.0m +
177.30m +6.10m+
18+7.50m +6.40m +
Average long jump distances by age

If you can get these distances in the long jump, you should be able to win or place in the top 3 in most long jump competitions.

If you want to improve your long jump, you will need to focus on improving the conditioning of your body. You will need to improve your:

  • Speed
  • Explosiveness
  • Acceleration
  • Jumping power

You will need to do a combination of acceleration sprints training, plyometrics, and long jump technical work to improve your performance in the long jump.

You can try doing the following long jump workouts at home.

Long Jump Weights Training

Long jump drills with hurdles

You can get a virtual long jump coach to help you improve your performance in 4-12 weeks.

Choose your long jump weakness!

What are your long jumping goals?

What long jump spikes should you buy?


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